Full time Freelance since 2003
 PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScriptmySQL, SAS

Freelance PHP Programmer, Westmont, Quebec

GERARD ROUAH has 10+ years of commercial web development experience, using a variety of skills, including PHP.  With PHP, GERARD use mySQL databases.  GERARD has 9+ years commercial experience with Visual Basic too, and bring this knowledge to PHP. GERARD has been full time freelance since  2003, working at their own office.


GERARD have written various PHP sites, mainly ones that control the content of sites via CMS etc.  The sites are on Linux machines, using mySQL databases, and use include files etc. to abstract out the common functionality.


GERARD is run by one developer, who has a strong background in system critical systems, and started life writing   management systems in SAS on banking systems, both in the Canada, and abroad.  This gave GERARD a very strong background in system critical systems, delivering systems that must work, 24/7, week after week, with as little maintenance as possible, and have brought this experience to PHP web development.

Fixed Price Quotes / Pricing

GERARD believe in providing fixed price quotes, given a sufficiently clear specification for a project - and fixed price means fixed price. For sample prices for recent projects, click here.

Offsite Development / Delivery

GERARD generally develop these solutions offsite, at their own office, and deliver to the client, typically by uploading / configuring on the server, given sufficient access.

Other Skills: JavaScript / SAS / VB

GERARD is also very experienced in developing JavaScript (tested on a variety of browsers) / VB  code for web pages, and developing SAS applications on mainframes

Contacting GERARD

Please feel free to contact GERARD for more information on your requirements - you can email GERARD on gerardrouah@gmail.com , or phone 1-514-6529894, and I will typically get back to you within 1 business day (excluding holidays).



About GERARD Consulting

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e: gerardrouah@gmail.com
t: 1-514 652 9894

Web site & software programming, providing consultancy & implementation skills.

Content management, e-commerce etc. web solutions, Desktop Applications, Statistical data processing, windows services etc. software development, more...

10 years commercial programming experience, full time freelance since April 2003, developing various systems, more...

Designer clients often outsource their programming to GERARD to complement their own skills, and offer their own clients a wider range of services.

GERARD  ROUAH are based in Montreal, more...

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All work is subject to availability, and acceptance of a written quote / contract, click here for more information.
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