Full time Freelance since April 2003
PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SAS, mySQL,


GERARD have been working freelance for 5+ years full time on commercial web sites, and 10 years working in the computing industry.  Until   2000, Gerard Rouah  worked at consultant and  software developer in a Central Bank, developing  Management Systems for the staff. This provided invaluable experience in writing mission critical systems - i.e. systems that work.


Since becoming freelance in April 2003, GERARD have developed strong web development skills using PHP and databases, by developing a variety of sites, alongside continued software development skills. These have included e-commerce sites, content manage driven sites, desktop applications.

GERARD do not work for one customer at a time however, and have worked for a variety of other customers developing various sites.

Project Management

As GERARD tend to have several projects running concurrently, GERARD believe it is vital to manage their time carefully, so deadlines are met without last minutes panics.  GERARD use Project Management software to manage their own tasks, breaking projects down into manageable& achievable milestones where necessary.

GERARD have a good track record of delivering goods to agreed time plans.

Server Maintenance

Whilst GERARD do not have any of their own servers, GERARD has  a considerable experience in managing the technical side of web sites, and understanding of server loads etc.


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e: gerardrouah@gmail.com
t: 1-514 652 9894

Web site & software programming, providing consultancy & implementation skills.

Content management, e-commerce etc. web solutions, Desktop Applications, Statistical data processing, windows services etc. software development, more...

10 years commercial programming experience, full time freelance since April 2003, developing various systems, more...

Designer clients often outsource their programming to GERARD to complement their own skills, and offer their own clients a wider range of services.

GERARD  ROUAH are based in Montreal, more...

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