Full time Freelance since  2003
 PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SAS, mySQL,

Freelance Web / E-commerce

GERARD ROUAH Consulting can create all kinds of internet sites. well designed, e-commerce, forums, galleries, artistics site, matched for your particular needs.

E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet,

The ability to process credit card orders over the Internet is a major convenience to customers -- if they believe their credit card numbers will remain private to the transaction

E-commerce / Advantages

Systems Development

The Internet gives customers the opportunity to browse and shop at their convenience and at their place. They can access your services from home, office, or on the road, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Internet allows you to reach people around the world, offering your products to a global customer base.

Either on site or off site, or both. Full documentation and reports produced.

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Development of new systems, or systems upgrades, using industry standard languages & techniques.

Range of applications - server processing, CMS, e-commerce systems,  comms interfaces, aiming for 'added value' systems - e.g. 'on the fly' PDF creation,statistical analysis, graphical outputs (graphs) etc.

One off specific requirements, e.g. reinstalling an existing site etc.

IP rights assigned to the client, and client confidentiality is respected.

Skills:  PHP, Visual Basic, SAS applications,  mySQL  databases, XML RSS SEO and other last technologies.

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Client Base - GERARD ROUAH work equally well with end clients or intermediaries, e.g. Designers.  Designer clients often outsource their development to GERARD, to offer their customers a broader service without needing to employ a programmer / developer themselves.  GERARD work in the commercial sector.

Location - GERARD ROUAH are located in Westmount  , Montreal, Quebec

Pricing - Click here for sample pricing.  GERARD are happy to produce fixed price quotes for suitable projects.

About GERARD ROUAH Consulting

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e: gerardrouah@gmail.com
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Web site & software programming, providing consultancy & implementation skills.

Content management, e-commerce etc. web solutions, Desktop Applications, Statistical  data processing, windows services etc. software development, more...

10 years commercial programming experience, full time freelance since 2003, developing various systems, more...

Designer clients often outsource their programming to GERARD to complement their own skills, and offer their own clients a wider range of services.

GERARD ROUAH are based in Canada, more...

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All work is subject to availability, and acceptance of a written quote / contract, click here for more information.
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