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IP Rights

When gerard develop web sites and software, all intellectual property rights for code etc. developed for client are assigned to the end client.  gerard strongly believe that if someone is paying gerard to develop something specific to them then that client should own the IP rights to it - unless agreed specifically in writing before hand, gerard won't hang on to the rights.

If an off the shelf product is used to assist in development - for example in using an existing CMS system - then obviously the company who own the CMS system will own IP rights to the CMS system, and any CMS components used, but there will still be parts developed specifically for the client, and the client will retain the IP rights to parts developed for them.

gerard note that IP rights can be complex when library code etc. is used (for example, third party library code), please ask gerard if you are unsure.


gerard have a standard contract which covers IP rights, click here for more information.



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Designer clients often outsource their programming to gerard to complement their own skills, and offer their own clients a wider range of services.

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